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Doing Laundry is the last thing on your mind after a busy week at work or looking after the kids. The washing stacks up and you are left with a mountain of clothes and linen to sort, wash and dry. Throw in a rainy day and the pain is multiplied. We have made it easy to order online or through the iOS and Android ghaseel mobile application. Now you can sit back and relax and let our professionals take care of your dirty chores.


When you find a local dry cleaning service that is affordable, offers same day dry cleaning, and delivers a superior finish to your clothing, it’s hard to trust your laundry with anyone else.  We accommodate the needs of residential and commercial dry cleaning clients alike, using industry leading dry cleaning technology to provide you with the deepest, most thorough clean. From stylish suits to stunning gowns, you can count on our dry cleaners in Chennai to never compromise the quality of your fabrics.




If there’s one part of the housework no one ever really likes doing, it’s the ironing. Mounds of wrinkled shirts and jackets, work pants that have been lying crumpled on the floor, and the much-debated “are you supposed to iron your jeans or not?” question – more often than not, you just want to either wake up the next day to find it all magically done or take it somewhere to have it all done for you. If you’re looking for an ironing service in Chennai that is affordable and provides fast turnaround, you can trust Ghaseel to get the job done with very little fuss and maximum quality.


Saree polishing is a unique laundry service that aims to restore and preserve the inherent brightness and shine of your saree, without affecting its durability and natural beauty. It is an elaborate process of starching, polishing and rolling. We are able to deliver unparalleled range of roll polishing services in Chennai because of our experience and team.

Here are some reasons to book your Saree Polishing Service at Ghaseel.

·Fresh and crisp finish to the clothes is guaranteed

·Retaining its originality.

·Abrasives used are tested in advance, ensuring high quality

·Hygienic environment using the best machinery.




Made of premium fabrics and carefully knotted to make beautiful patterns, your carpets are a valuable buy. Never try using harsh detergents or cleaning solutions which cause nothing but damage the fabric and also never reach the ingrained grime and dust-mites hidden deep within which are the primary concerns. It’s time to say hello to a professional cleaning service that is both comprehensive and detailed. We use advanced, specialized machinery that is top-of-the-line right here in Adyar and Besant Nagar. We also use specialty chemicals that will not only extract dirt, grime and dust-mites but also kill germs too. Your carpet will be soft, spotless and just as good as new.


Whether you have kids or pets, frequently host friends and family or just simply are at home a lot, you know all your upholstered furniture are getting a workout. Dust, pollen, germs, food crumbs, stains and blemishes cannot be avoided. Here at Ghaseel provide you with a refreshing upholstery cleaning that extends the life of your furniture which is both is safe and healthy for children and pets. A professional upholstery cleaner will be sent from Besant Nagar or Adyar around Besant Nagar and Adyar to thoroughly clean your furniture, restoring joy and life in your living space. The instant drying process after our upholstery cleaning service enables your furniture to be used by you and your family again as soon as possible.




Whether you are looking for repairing bleach stains, wine spatters, garment discolouration, or fabric colour renewal you can have this job done effortlessly at Metro Dyeing. We also dye clothing like dresses, shirts, pants, shorts, lab coats, jumpsuits, and many more. We specialize in dyeing and darning cotton garments black which is a very general procedure for covering bleach and wine stains. Ghaseel will be your best possible choice for dyeing and darning individual garments in Adyar and Besant Nagar as we provide you with the services done by the best professionals in Chennai.


Why queue up for getting services for your rides, when you can sit at home or your office and avail our Car Cleaning services at Ghaseel. All our franchised cleaners are professionally trained and we come to your location at fixed timings chosen by you. We provide you with a thorough external and internal clean-up which will keep your car clean for months together. After our service you will find it much easier to wash and maintain your vehicle. Get in touch with Ghazeel Adyar or Besant Nagar right away for our Car cleaning services for pleasant driving experiences. 

Our Custom services include –

                       ·Pressure rinse exterior

                       ·including wheel arches

                       ·Window cleaned inside & outside

                       ·Shampoo exterior, including wheels

                       ·Wipe over door jambs

                       ·Vacuum and dust interior including boot

                       ·Gloss tyres & mudflaps

                       ·Deodorize interior




Leathers almost always concentrate quite a large amount of bacteria, dust mites, fungus and dirt. They usually live and grow in our leather giving it an unpleasant look. A professionally cleaned leather can not only improve the overall appearance of your house, but also your health and the leather’s life expectancy. We also provide services for leather articles like shoes, bags, wallets etc. Our professionals are trained to understand your leather and will provie you with the best possible service in Chennai.

 Our cleaning services include --

·Stain removal (including ink stains, grease marks, and fabric   dye transfer)

·General cleaning

·Colour restoration

·Rejuvenation (Cracking, dryness)

·Stain protection


It’s usually said that your Home is where the heart is and we always try our best to keep our home clean and tidy. But, due our hectic life schedules & responsibilities, it becomes quite a challenge to clean our homes to our standards. Don’t worry! Ghaseel offers you the most professional cleaners available in Chennai for reliable home cleaning services that you need. With our specialized cleaning experts, we ensure that all your required house cleaning services are done as per your home requirements. Get a trusted partner from Ghaseel to keep your homes and offices clean and organised.




Ghaseel is a technology company that aims to simplify the mundane task of cleaning clothes. Whether for dry cleaning or wash-and-fold laundry, our goal is to deliver superior quality and door-to-door convenience with a smile.

Our company was founded by industry veterans in on-demand consumer logistics. By combining mobile and web technology with the best-in-class cleaning facilities, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Ghaseel is currently available in Thiruvanmiyur, Adyar, and Besant Nagar, and will be expanding rapidly to other locales across Chennai. Send us an email with your post code if you'd like to be notified when we launch in your city.

Fast and Easy  - Best In Class Quality - Eco-Friendly





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Select your delivery time and we'll deliver to your door - too easy! Using specialist Laundry cleaning experts we guarantee you'll be satisfied

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"Very efficient service and good packaging of washed clothes. Pocket friendly and they provide corporate discounts as well."

“Very reasonable priced... Customer friendly staff... Definitely my go to place for laundry and drycleaning"

"My dress looks brand new after removing a 4 yr old stain. Such an efficient and reasonable service. Thank you soo much!!"


"Good quality and customer service, Very much happy with their laundry and dry cleaning service."

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