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Unlike most commercial laundries, we are a locally developed company, we supporting people who have a lived experience of mental illness and struggle to secure employment.We are a self-sustaining social enterprise that helps change lives. Any surplus we make is re-invested into improving our laundry services or supporting local mental health employment projects. When you use Ghaseel Laundry Services, not only do you get a high quality laundry service, but you will also help provide jobs and training for local people who need a helping hand.

Our Mission:

  • Build a sustainable social enterprise business with a positive open employment environment.

  • Together we will offer supported pathways from unemployment to a sustained livelihood through successful employment.

  • The overall economic inclusion of the new employees will create a positive attitudinal shift in the broader community towards people living with mental health issues.

When you use Ghaseel Laundry Services, we promise you:

  • No third-party outsourcing

  • Affordable and competitive price

  • Regular pick-up and delivery service

  • Best available laundry equipment

  • High quality laundering

  • Ethically sourced linens/garments

  • Industry standard processes

  • Friendly, helpful service

  • Locally-run business

  • Jobs and training for local people

  • Earnings re-invested in services and project


We consulted the india’s leading industry experts and procured the best available laundry equipment. This means, the design of the new facility incorporates the latest European technology to meet your high standards for health, hygiene and quality.

As part of the Ghaseel Laundry philosophy, we source all of our linens and garments from ethical and sustainable suppliers. And, you can be confident that our processes are monitored and measured to the Indian Laundry Standard.

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